Creative space: work desk

Patrick Johansson for Sköna hem.

How creative people set up their desks? Is your creative space a reflection of how your mind works?

*People with messier desks tend to be more open to new experiences, it reflects their mental process*. Really? Yay!




How cool is this Lobo apple cider label created by the illustrator Jason Holley? I love a pretty drink! (Lobo = spanish and portuguese for ‘wolf’)

Via Lovely Package.


for a more delicious dessert

Who wouldn’t want to eat dessert in one of these penguins, Christmas lights and cute dots plates? They’re available at west elm (the store is on sale and has free shipping on everything, except furniture – *US only*).



The german artist Doris Bank is responsible for these delicate pieces of translucent porcelain. The overlap of the ceramic layers create fascinating shadow effects, which resemble paper. Beautiful and unique!


delicious food of the week

Nothing better than starting the week with a curried carrot soup + glazed lemon cakes for dessert. Both recipes were taken from this Martha Stewart book, full of fast and delicious recipes. I recommend it!

After baking these cupcakes, I decided to decorate some in the traditional way (using a star tip) and eat the others with a fork and plate, using the meringue as accompaniment. I confess that this second option has been my favorite (maybe because that way I can eat three times more meringue!). The recipe is from Claudia magazine.