pretty notebooks

Perfect Christmas gifts for anyone who loves to write lists in pretty notebooks. In other words: me! One little problem though: it’s likely that the “journalists I met and liked” will be completely empty! hehehe…journalist inside joke ;)


to sweeten life

To sweeten life…strawberry cupcakes! There’s chopped fresh strawberries in the batter and, on top, a heart of jelly. They turned out delicious (and pretty)! Recipe from here.


Humphrey Bow Ties

Very cool packaging created by graphic design student Krisna MacDonald. The product: bow ties inspired by movie (and fashion) icon Humphrey Bogart.

Lauren Bacall and Marilyn Monroe approve!

Via Packaging of the World.



1. Love scene with polaroids, amazing work by sicoactiva. More scenes here.
2. I really like My Cardboard Life strips, created by the talented Philippa Rice.
3. Beautiful collage greeting cards from Nicola Starr.
4. ‘Haunted Mirrors’ by Allison Diaz. Impressive!


Little Marc Jacobs

Mothers of young fashionistas buy their clothes at Little Marc Jacobs (for sale at Kids of Luxury). I would so wear that second look in adult size!