Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers is a collection of flowers in the format of a newspaper. It’s a clever way of having flowers on your table everyday.

1. Choose a flower.
2. Place it as the cover.
3. Make a roll with all pages together.
4. Put it in a vase.
5. And of course, don’t water it!

Super creative design from itunube, in Madrid, Spain.


inexpensive decoration

Small decorating projects can freshen up your home and be inexpensive. Check out some examples:

Repurpose mirrors as trays by applying felt backing to their undersides.

Fill a glass jug with Christmas lights to fashion a tricked-out table lamp.

Give a blank wall big personality by layering wallpaper remnants or samples.

Check out more tips on CountryLiving.


I’d like you for Christmas

This letterpress holiday gift flags from In Haus Press are perfect for the most stylish packages! A great example of pretty & simple design.

Via the style files.


wishing: Mission Minis cupcakes

Longing for the Mission Minis San Francisco‘s cupcakes.


Candy Swap

When I read that the lovely Lindsey had sent a care package full of sweets for her daughter (along with other fun items like glasses and a fake nose) I suggested: let’s make a candy swap! So, I sent her a super package of sweets and chocolate from Brazil and got a ton of delicious american candy (just in time for Halloween)!

So many yummy items! I also got the fake glasses, a cute vampire bear + a lovely card.

Thanks Lindsey for this amazing candy swap, I had a great time!