A brief maternity/happiness leave

Baby pic by Joshua Ryan

You guys knew I had a little baby on the way, right? Well, he has finally arrived (on january 8th!) and is already making my days more beautiful, agitated and SO FULL of love.

I am allowing myself a (brief) maternity/happiness leave ~ but one of these days I’ll be back!
See you soon. ;)

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Image by Joshua Ryan, via Unsplash.


Merry Christmas and an amazing 2019!

Cat Christmas | Jongmee

We have a thousand and one reasons to remember 2018 as a difficult year, politically confusing (to say the least) and emotionally devastating. That’s why it’s so important to start this coming year with a positive attitude toward life. Always remember that it’s in the most difficult moments that we learn, grow and discover our greatest strengths and beauties.

An amazing 2019 for all of you, dear readers, who make my days more beautiful with your comments and visits. You guys are awesome!

Merry Christmas and a New Year with a lot more:
love, empathy, respect,
tenderness & sorority
for all of us!

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Beautiful illustration by Jongmee (who appeared the other day here on the blog).


Jongmee’s enigmatic girls

Jongmee Illustration | Girls in the Swimming Pool Jongmee Illustration | Yoga Girls Jongmee Illustration | Girls in Bikinis

I love these amazing illustrations by Jongmee, little fragments of the lives of these enigmatic girls/women. What a talent!

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Jongmee website, tumblr & instagram.



Mélimélo | Daniela Arcila

Beautiful work by Mexican designer Daniela Arcila for Mélimélo, a charming French-inspired bakery. The geometric patterns of the brand’s identity were inspired by the most famous Mexican and French breads: the pan de muerto (bread of the dead) and the baguette. Very nice!

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Daniela Arcila website & instagram.


Botanic loveliness | Mia Hsiao

Mia Hsiao Illustration | Ilustração botânica

All the beauty of Mia Hsiao‘s amazing illustrations. Botanic loveliness. 🌿

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Mia Hsiao website & instagram.
Images via Pinkoi.