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Instafave: @princesscheeto | Princess Cheeto

If you’re not following Princess Cheeto, you’re definitely NOT using instagram properly. You know when sometimes we look at kitty-pics to brighten a sad day? Imagine an entire feed with just that.

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MilK + Habitat

Milk & Habitat Collaboration | Kid's Bedroom + bunnies

The collaboration between MilK magazine and the Habitat store could only have resulted in such loveliness. A bedroom with shades of blue and mustard, for boys and girls, with bunnies all around. Adorable. ♥

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MilK Magazine website & instagram.
Habitat website & instagram


Monet Mood

Monet Mood | Claude Monet | Pintura Impressionista

“I would like to paint the way a bird sings”.
Je voudrais peindre la façon dont un oiseau chante.
Claude Monet

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Images via Astronomy in Reverse.


Elise Lefebvre Céramique

Elise Lefebvre Céramique | Cerâmicas

Lovely work of french ceramist Elise Lefebvre, who creates small sets of delicate vases, dishes and other pieces, which she later sells in shops, fairs and local markets ~ so I guess it’s a good idea to keep your eyes open on your next trip to France (and on her instagram feed too).

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Elise Lefebvre Céramique website, blog & instagram.


Kate Gabrielle – Pop Culture in Pins and Patches

Kate Gabrielle | Pins & Patches

Kate Gabrielle, making all of our pop culture wishes come true in the form of pins and patches (and in other formats too, you really should visit her amazing online shop)!

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Kate Gabrielle website & instagram