Despensa N.6 | Lisbon, Portugal

Despensa N.6 | Confeitaria em Lisboa, Portugal

Gluttony without guilt. This is the idea behind Despensa N.6, a healthy pastry shop in Lisbon, Portugal where most products are of biological origin and lactose free. Everything is 100% gluten free, 100% sugar free, but 100% charming.

In addition to having a healthy snack, you can also fill your own pantry: the place sells bulk products, such as homemade granola, Himalayan salt and cinnamon. Love it. The beautiful project is from Savvy Agency.

Despensa N.6
Avenida Sacadura Cabral, 6A, Lisboa, Portugal
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Romantic Cupcakes_love

Cupcakes Românticos | Dia dos Namorados

Lot at these pretty and romantic cupcakes and remember: it’s always good to pamper your loved one.

1. Love Note Cupcakes, from Better Homes & Gardens (with recipe).
2. A very sweet Cupcake for Valentine’s Day or any other romantic occasion, by Maria Lunarillos (recipe and video in spanish).
3. Be My Valentine, pic by Mathias.
4. Martha Stewart always knows what’s best: Brownie Heart Cupcakes. Yes, please (with recipe).


Paper Garden – Fideli Sundqvist

Fideli Sundqvist - Paper Garden | Arte com Papel

This amazing paper garden is the work of swedish illustrator and designer Agnes Cecilia Fideli Siri Charlotte Sundqvist, or simply Fideli Sundqvist. I have been following her work through instagram and it’s impossible not to be astonished at everything she does. If you enjoy working with paper and have been longing for paper garden indoors, know that she has released a book teaching how to build your own leaves and flowers. What do you say?

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Fideli Sundqvist website & instagram


Sally Nixon Illustration

Sally Nixon Illustration | Ilustração

My latest obsession: Sally Nixon‘s amazing themes, patterns, details, girls… So cool! \o/

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Sally Nixon website & instagram.


Urban Outfitters | Vacay Vibes

Urban Outfitters | Vacay Vibes - Tavik Jett Triangle Bikini Top Urban Outfitters | Vacay Vibes - Out From Under Kelly Striped Snap-Up One-Piece Swimsuit + BDG Uma Fishnet T-Shirt Dress Urban Outfitters | Vacay Vibes - Straw Bucket HatUrban Outfitters | Vacay Vibes - Ecote Saraphina Cutout Button-Front Jumpsuit + Silence Noise Fiesta Bodycon Mini Dress Urban Outfitters | Vacay Vibes - BDG Jena Tie-Front Blouse + Pomme Chan X UO Nika Head Scarf Urban Outfitters | Vacay Vibes - Silence Noise Shimmer Tunic Two-Piece Set + Silence Noise Slinky Mini Skirt Two Piece Set

As soon as the cooler days start to show up around here I begin to dream about vacations and warmth. Are there any lucky readers planning a vacation trip? Get inspired with these cute and uncomplicated Urban Outfitters outfits. ☀️

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Urban Outfitters website & instagram.