British Pathé | How It’s Made

British Pathé

British Pathé was a company who created newsreels and documentary films from 1896 to 1976, with very broad themes. Fashion trends, travel, science, culture… everything you can imagine. Their work is now digitised and you can watch everything online, via their website and YouTube channel. A real trip back in time. 

My favorite videos are part of a series called “How It’s Made“. They are short videos of 2 or 3 minutes that show the process of producing various objects and foods. Some of my favorites:

Doll Factory (1963)

Wallpaper (1963)

Liqueur Chocolates (1965)

Mixing Face Powder (1958)

Macaroni & Vermicelli (1957)

Incredible, isn’t it? Their channel is full of amazing videos ~ like these Beauty Hints from the 50’s. Let me know what you think of that salad mask. ;)

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British Pathé website & youtube.


Bossa Flora | Antix

Antix Bossa Flora | Vestido Suculentas Antix Bossa Flora | Vestido Rosas Reais Antix Bossa Flora | Macacão Pantacourt Busto Bordado Antix Bossa Flora | Vestido Tropicália Antix Bossa Flora | Vestido Midi Jardim Bordado

Five looks from Antix‘s Summer 2018 collection, Bossa Flora. Lots of adorable birds, plants and exotic fruits in the prints. Isn’t the Succulents Dress gorgeous? 🌵🌿

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Antix website & instagram.


Leah Bartholomew’s art

Leah Bartholomew | art

An art by Leah Bartholomew for every room in your home. Yes please. :)

I found especially interesting how her paintings begin as small torn paper collages, an intuitive puzzle of unexpected colours and feelings that take shape based on the influences of her environment and mood. Read more about Leah’s work process here.

See more of the artist’s amazing work here

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Leah Bartholomew website & instagram.


Co Resort 2018

Co Resort 2018 Co Resort 2018 Co Resort 2018 Co Resort 2018 Co Resort 2018 Co Resort 2018

One of the inspirations of Co Resort 2018 was Wong Kar-Wai‘s In the Mood For Love (so good!). I guess that’s why I liked it since the first time I saw it. What a beauty!

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Co website & instagram.
via Vogue.



Primavera_love | Não Me Mande Flores

Spring does not begin here until September 22, but my soul is already in full bloom. 🌷💐 🌿

1. Gold, beautiful pic by Alleen via Flickr.
2. After the rain, image by Lizzie via Unsplash (available for free download).
3. Wildflowers from the Swiss Alps in Tezza’s instagram.
4. Ode to Spring and a free desktop wallpaper from The Jungalow