Painted Patterns by Emily Isabella

Painted Patterns by Emily IsabellaPainted Patterns by Emily IsabellaPainted Patterns by Emily IsabellaPainted Patterns by Emily Isabella

Emily Isabella‘s painted patterns are proof that simplicity has so much beauty in itself. Her work is uniquely delicate, I’m a fan! ♥

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Emily Isabella website.


instafave: aflorigrafia

instafave: @aflorigrafia

A project that brings together three of the most beautiful things in the world: photography, illustration and flowers! So pretty! Florigrafia is a partnership between photographer Natália Viana and illustrator Rafaela Melo. Pure love. <3

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Ice Cream Menu

Ice Cream Menu - Pêssego Melba Ice Cream Menu - Copa Piazza Ice Cream Menu - Crepe Coimbra Ice Cream Menu - Banana Split

Ice Cream Menu is a conceptual project (food styling + photography + type design) by portuguese design studio And Atelier. Gorgeous, isn’t?

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And Atelier website.


Hannele Open Loafers

Hannele Open Loafer - Black leather

Hannele Open Loafer - Black/white raffia

Hannele Open Loafer - Cheetah printed haircalf

Today’s craving: all versions of Hannele Open Loafer, by Loeffler Randall. Amazing! ♥

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Loeffler Randall website.


The last three… movies

Os três últimos filmes

Good People (dir. Henrik Ruben Genz, 2014)

A couple discovers a bag full of money after the death of their tenant and decide to keep it to pay debts. OF COURSE the thief who stole to money targets the couple and goes after the bag. I feel like I’ve seen this same movie a million times. Not even the amazing Omar Sy saves this one. Watch the trailer.

The ABCs of Death (27 directors, 2012)

26 short stories, each representing a letter of the alphabet (for example: A for Apocalypse), directed by 27 different people, each one with their own view on death. As always happens in this kind of movie, some chapters are great and others are really terrible. But I thought it was appropriate and watched on Halloween. ;) Watch the trailer.

Two Weeks in September (À Coeur Joie, dir. Serge Bourguignon, 1967)

Brigitte Bardot plays Cecile, a young model divided between a steady (and a little boring) relationship and a new passion, full of excitement. The scenes of Cecile working as a model are hilarious; it’s amazing how the fashion world has changed radically over the years. And Bardot, always beautiful! Watch the trailer.