inspiration: tiny kitchen

small kitchenSmall kitchen Small kitchen

I have a very small kitchen and I love to cook! This is definitely not a good combination, after all, cooking is always better if you have lots of space. In my opinion, the more the better. This kitchen, tiny and adorable, renewed my hope in small kitchens. Despite the little room, it has lots of charm and amazing details, such as the pink chairs, the cute wallpaper and the checkered floor. Beautiful!

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Via an apartment for sale at Stadshem.


cute and creepy: Hsiao-Ron Cheng

Hsiao-Ron Cheng illustration workHsiao-Ron Cheng illustration workHsiao-Ron Cheng illustration workHsiao-Ron Cheng illustration work

Kinda cute, kinda creepy. This is how I define the work of artist and freelance illustrator Hsiao-Ron Cheng. She lives in Taipei, Taiwan, and uses pencil, oils, mixed media and digital to create these unusual scenes. I love that crazy classroom!

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Hsiao-Ron Cheng website.
Via The Jealous Curator.


breakfast: homemade red berry jam

geleia caseira de frutas vermelhasgeleia caseira de frutas vermelhasgeleia caseira de frutas vermelhasgeleia caseira de frutas vermelhas

Delicious breakfast with a yummy (and very easy to make) homemade red berry jam. This jam is perfect when warm, with waffles or lemon cake. This lemon cake became a big hit in my house, it’s the second time I bake it. The recipe is from Good Food magazine and you can find it here.

Who wants to try this recipe over the weekend?

Homemade red berries jam
A Jamie Oliver recipe, adapted from Casa e Comida magazine.

250g frozen red berries (blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries)
1 tablespoon granulated sugar
3 tablespoons honey
juice of 1 orange

1. Place all ingredients in a saucepan, place over high heat and simmer for about 12 minutes or until the mixture is thick and glossy. Remove from heat.

2. If you’re not eating the jam warm, you can put it in a sterilized jar, close tightly and store in the refrigerator.


Colors of the Wind

Colors of the WindColors of the WindColors of the WindColors of the Wind

Colors of the Wind is a series of photographs and large size projections inspired by air and wind, created by the German-Czech photographic duo René & Radka. I love how, even though we can see the sky and the horizon, it looks like some of these pictures were taken under water. Beautiful!

You can see this amazing work until September 1, on the 1st floor of department store Le Bon Marché in Paris.

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René & Radka website.
Le Bon Marché website.
Via Junk Culture.


book hearts_love

book hearts love

A simple and lovely way to express your love for books!

1. Alice b. gardens‘ pic.
2. Vintage book love, a Marianne LoMonaco print (available in her etsy shop).
3. I heart books, a Shannon Blue print (available in her etsy shop).
4. Louisa Barber‘s pic.

Do you also love books? What have you been reading lately?


pretty packaging: marshmallows

Elyon MarshmallowsElyon MarshmallowsElyon MarshmallowsElyon Marshmallows

Food Packaging design and character mascot illustrations created by Miller Creative LLC for Elyon Marshmallows. Out-of-this-world cute! I adore the playful mascot interaction with the bar code.

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Miller Creative LLC website & facebook.


modern + vintage

EarthSeaWarrior lampEarthSeaWarrior lampEarthSeaWarrior lamp

Vintage industrial lamps with neon color cords, from EarthSeaWarrior. A very interesting mix between the old and the new. I like it!

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EarthSeaWarrior etsy shop (ships internationally).


lazy friday

lazy friday

This is one of those lazy fridays, when we just want to spend all day in bed. And maybe get up in the evening to see what our friends are planning for the night. Maybe. :)

Lazy or not, a great friday for everyone!

« These lazy-pics are from Kate Chausse, go check her Flickr photostream. »


50’s inspired swimsuits

Asuyeta handmade 50's inspired swimwearAsuyeta handmade 50's inspired swimwearAsuyeta handmade 50's inspired swimwearAsuyeta handmade 50's inspired swimwear

I’ve always liked vintage inspired swimwear and bathing suits. They’re usually super cute and comfortable, perfect for a fun day at the beach or pool. These handmade 50’s inspired swimsuits are from Asuyeta. Would you wear it?

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Asuyeta website.
Via Daydream Lily.


step away from the computer

Ma'am step away from the computer Letterpress art Step away from the computer Letterpress art

I need this awesome La Farme poster, preferably, next to my computer! :)

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La Farme websiteetsy shop (ships internationally).