My dream bathroom

sonho de banheiro

My dream bathroom: natural light + bathtub + lots of green! #love

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Via Marie Claire Maison.


pink frosting_love

cobertura rosa_love

Because everything taste better – and look prettier – with pink frosting, am I right?  ;)

1. Dark chocolate chiffon cake with fluffy rosewater frosting (with recipe!), via Sweetapolita.
2. Beautiful ruffled frosting, in Leslie Adam‘s pic.
3. Valentine’s cream cheese cupcakes (with recipe!), via Bayaderka.
4. Birthday rose cake (with recipe in german!), via cookiesandcrystal.


Ballerina Star

Anniel - Ballerina Star

In love with these starry ballerina flats from italian brand Anniel. So sweet!

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Anniel website.
Via 11th Moon.


The last three… movies

Os três últimos filmes

2 Days in New York (dir. Julie Delpy, 2012)

It’s curious and fun to observe the cultural differences between the U.S. and France in this comedy directed by Julie Delpy, but I recommend watching 2 Days in Paris before, so you won’t miss a few jokes and references. Watch the trailer.

 Zeitgeist (dir. Peter Joseph, 2007)

An independent documentary that appears in almost every list of best documentaries of all time, Zeitgeist investigates what is behind major issues that have always governed the world: religion, war and money. Watch it with an open mind and draw your own conclusions. Watch the trailer.

Arthur Newman (dir. Dante Ariola, 2012)

You know when people say that there’s no point in changing to a different city, country or personality when pain and melancholy are within you? This movie is about that. It’s sad, but with a bit of humor to balance. Plus Colin Firth and Emily BluntWatch the trailer.


A real home in Madrid

Carmen Dapena's homeCarmen Dapena's homeCarmen Dapena's homeCarmen Dapena's home

This beautiful, colorful and amazing home belongs to Carmen Dapena, owner of the online store Làpety. Looks like a real home, right? The opposite of those magazine homes, so cold and untouched. I really love it!

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Làpety website.
Via Nuevo Estilo.