Muses, by Conrad RosetMuses, by Conrad RosetMuses, by Conrad RosetMuses, by Conrad Roset

Conrad Roset‘s muses are really beautiful. I’m always delighted with their colors and shapes. ♥

« Remember this gorgeous book that he illustrated? »

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Conrad Roset website.


Acute Designs earrings

Acute Designs -  Mauve Dipped Brass EarringsAcute Designs - Bright Coral Dipped Brass EarringsAcute Designs -  Jade Dipped Brass EarringsAcute Designs - Tangerine Dipped Brass Earrings

Beginning the year with these gorgeous Acute Designs earrings. May 2014 be as colorful and beautiful as them!  :)

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Acute Designs blog & etsy shop.


Merry Christmas and a beautiful 2014!

Merry Christmas!Merry Christmas!Merry Christmas!

It’s with this cuteness overload that I wish you all, dear readers, a wonderful Christmas and an even more amazing New Year!

Thank you for every comment, email and loving message that you sent me this year. They are true evidence that you like this blog as much as I do and a real incentive to keep on posting about all the things that inspire me and make me happy.  :)

Happy Holidays and see you in 2014!

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These adorable dolls are part of the Sonny Angel Christmas Series 2013.


Taking pictures of whatever

taking pictures of whatevertaking pictures of whatevertaking pictures of whatevertaking pictures of whatevertaking pictures of whatever

Amazing tumblr of the day: taking pictures of whatever. So cool!
And she’s also on instagram!  Follow me too guys.  ;)

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Taking pictures of whatever tumblr & instagram.



A wish before disappeared by Kanako SasakiDrifted in the middle by Kanako SasakiDrifted with Serenade by Kanako Sasaki

Where are we coming from and going, inspired from the astronomical theory, the relationship with moon and earth: we are only existed by accidents and chances. We will disappear and drift away“.

Drifted is a photography series by japanese artist Kanako Sasaki. ♥

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Kanako Sasaki website.