Freebie: Owl Lover calendar 2012

Have you chosen your 2012 calendar? How about this cute one – and totally free – created by My Owl Barn in partnership with 45 incredibly talented illustrators? All you need do is choose a picture for each month and print! The hard part will be choosing only 12 of these beautiful illustrations.

Download your owl calendar here.


Chocolates with Attitude

Isn’t this chocolate packaging gorgeous? Designed by Bessermachen DesignStudio in cooperation with chocolate artist Henrik Konnerup. Love it!

Via Lovely Package.


movie crush: Kamome Diner

Kamome Diner tells the story of Sachie, a Japanese woman who opens a diner in Hensinki. Directed by Naoko Ogigami in 2006, this was the first Japanese movie filmed entirely in Finland. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve always wanted to open a café, but I fell in love with the movie, with Sachie, with her diner, with Finland… Beautiful movie!


pretty shoes: Maloles

Pretty black suede and gold shoes from Maloles. Wishlist alert!


party idea: multiple cakes

Bree and Barham had a rustic and beautiful wedding in Washington and I simply love what they decided to do about the cake. I’m sure it must be super hard to choose the perfect wedding cake and topper, so… why not have multiple cakes and toppers at the same party?

That is, definitely, my kind of party!

Photography – Stacy Jacobsen, via Green Wedding Shoes.


baking: chocolate chunk muffins

You know it’s going to be a great afternoon when you have the smell of chocolate chunk muffins all over the house. This yummy-recipe could only have come from Bakerella. \o/

This is one of my favorite ways to eat muffins: with lots of amazing jam. Groseilles Framboisées from Bonne Maman is a favorite.


in bloom_love

As Jane Austen would say: “To sit in the shade on a fine day and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment” (Mansfield Park, 1814).

1. ►i.Anton‘s pic.
2. Nadia Bolshakova‘s pic.
3. yu***‘s pic.
4. Mandi Whitten‘s pic.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Moon River ♫

I always thought that the book Breakfast at Tiffany’s and its film adaptation were two completely different works of art and, at some level, even opposite. Truman Capote’s book is deliciously immoral, sometimes cruel and has a heartbreaking ending. The movie is romantic, a bit conservative and has the typical Hollywood happy ending. I read the book imagining Marilyn Monroe, the actress who Capote really wanted to see playing Holly Golightly, but I understand that Audrey Hepburn fits perfectly the Holly imagined by Hollywood. Each one – the book and film – has its individual beauty. But they are definitely two distinct works.

I like this scene in which Holly sings and plays the guitar on the fire escape outside her apartment window. The song Moon River, by Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer, was tailored to Hepburn’s limited vocal range. Rumor has it that a Paramount executive hated the song and wanted to take it out of the movie at all costs. Audrey replied to the suggestion by saying: “Over my dead body!“. Moon River ended up winning the Oscar for best original song in 1961.

♫ ♫ ♫

YouTube Preview Image


a (lovely) small living space

This looks like a super tiny house, doesn’t it? But check out the amazing interiors, created by Japanese architect Kota Mizuishi.

Amazing, isn’t? Residents are husband and wife and a little girl. This project makes me think that smaller living spaces can also be very airy and charming. I’d love to live in this house!

Via Dezeen (a lot more pics over here).


DIY: hand painted mug

Are you into crafts? What about making your own holiday gifts? I think this hand painted mug would make a lovely Christmas gift. I’d love to get one myself! Follow the instructions over at this Wit & Whistle post.

*Remember this awesome card from Wit & Whistle?*