Love Yourself prints

Ashley Ella Design prints
Four beautiful prints created by Ashley of Ashley Ella Design, available for download (completely free) here. Let us all never forget how AWESOME we are! :)

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instafave: thedogist

instafave: @thedogist

Dog-lovers unite… in the love of this amazing photo-documentary series dedicated to capture the beauty of dogs. Besides checking out all the amazing dog images, my favorite thing to do is to find out their names: each one cooler and cuter than the other! 

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DIY: Halloween Bats

DIY: Bat Toppers DIY: Bat Toppers

A cute DIY project, for those of you who are thinking about celebrating Halloween in great style: adorable bat cupcake toppers

Visit Oh Happy Day to check out this lovely DIY (and many other amazing party tips)!

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Via Oh Happy Day.


Rainbow Journal

Rainbow Journal, by Jackdaw BinderyRainbow Journal, by Jackdaw BinderyRainbow Journal, by Jackdaw Bindery

A rainbow in the shape of a beautiful journal, designed by Jackdaw Bindery. Is or is it not to fall in love? 

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The last three… books

 Os três últimos livros

Memories of my melancholy whores, by Gabriel García Márquez, translated by Eric Nepomuceno
original title: Memoria de mis putas tristes  Editora Record

On completing 90 years old, a lonely sad journalist decides to give himself the gift of a night of wild love with a virgin nymphet. And falls in love for the first time. An unconventional love story that only García Márquez could have written. More than a book about sex and eroticism (or pedophilia, as many believe), Memories of my melancholy whores is a journey of self-knowledge, a beautiful reflection on old age and loneliness. 

 Macunaíma, por Mário de Andrade
original title: Macunaíma, O Herói sem Nenhum Caráter • Editora Nova Fronteira

A landmark of fantastic realism, Macunaíma is more than a comic anti-hero or a symbol of Brazilian modernism. Macunaíma is wild, mythical, surreal… The book combines folklore, legends, myths and religion to tell the story of a trickster, smart and amoral man, who gets everything he wants out of life. I coincidentally watched the brilliant and fun adaption of the book for the cinema (directed by Joaquim Pedro de Andrade in 1969) soon after reading the book, which made the experience even more complete. 

Paralelos, by Leonardo Alkmim
Geração Editorial

An accident involving a school bus kills all the students returning from a camping trip. All but one, Vítor, who loses his inseparable twin brother Alexandre in the tragedy. But a mysterious mistake that endangers the functioning of the whole cosmos, ends up saving the wrong brother. Although in different dimensions, the twins will have to fight to restore the universe’s balance. If you like topics such as afterlife, parallel dimensions, angels and other mystical elements, this is a definitely interesting read for you. I’m not a huge fan of this genre, but found myself really involved with the story in a few moments.