Vintage Shiseido

Vintage Shiseido Ads |Publicidade Japão 50's | blog Não Me Mande Flores

Loving these vintage Shiseido ads, all from the 50’s. So beautiful and delicate. ♥

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Shiseido website & instagram


Things Will Work Out

This Will Work Out pin | People I've Loved via General Store | blog Não Me Mande Flores

This pin. I need it. *-*

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The pin é from People I’ve Loved, via General Store


Cats & Coffee Paris

Cats & Coffee Paris - café ficcional criado pela designer Morgane Perrot | blog Não Me Mande Flores

I know, you’re already planning to visit this lovely cat café in your next trip to Paris. Me too. Too bad the place doesn’t really exist, it’s a fictional bar à chats created as part of a visual identity exercise by designer Morgane Perrot. Heartbreaking, isn’t? I really wish it was real. 

If you’re curious, the original front window used by Morgane is from The Monocle Café in London (and the place looks really charming).

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Morgane Perrot via Behance.


Instafave: quillocreative

Instafave - Favoritos do Instagram: @quillocreative| Logos e Brands | blog Não Me Mande Flores

If you’re into logos and brands, you’ll love Quillo Creative profile, where artist Steven Crosby posts one original logo every day, part of a project that will last 365 days. He also gives tips for designers and aspiring designers who are interested in working with brands. Very cool! 

Follow: @quillocreative


Torafu Architects dowel blocks

Blocos de Madeira Coloridos | Torafu Architects - dowel blocks | blog Não Me Mande Flores

Amazing wooden blocks created by Torafu Architects: my inner child is thrilled! ♥

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Torafu Architects website & fanpage.
via Oh Joy!.