Milk Bar: a kid’s brunch

Milk Bar Brunch | Um brunch para crianças

Who said brunch is for adults only? A cute, original and healthy children’s party (completely fry-free, if we don’t count the bacon on that plate, right?). The wonderful cake is from Humminbird Bake Shop ~ and have you notice that the “Milk Bar” sign was made with cereal flakes? :)

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Beautifully designed project by La Petite Fête, via Green Wedding Shoes.



Smashmallow | branding & packaging by Hatch Design Smashmallow

Do you guys know anyone who is crazy about marshmallows? (I do!) I always thought it was a very bland candy, but Hatch did such a great job in Smashmallow‘s branding & packaging (among other things), that I have to confess I’m dying to try some of their flavors. Cinnamon Churro = YES, please. *-*

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Smashmallow website & instagram.
Hatch Design website & instagram.


Jean Jullien for Vöslauer

Jean Jullien for Vöslauer | design

Jean Jullien for Vöslauer | packaging & design

French graphic artist Jean Jullien is always involved in cool and unusual projects: this time he has created a series of fun labels for the Austrian Vöslauer‘s summer edition glass bottles of mineral water. I love it!

More Jean Jullien here! :)

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Jean Jullien website & instagram.
Vöslauer website & instagram.


Art & illustration with Weronika Anna Marianna

Weronika Anna Marianna | Arte e Ilustração

The beautiful work of multi-talented illustrator Weronika Anna Marianna, who is also an architect, graphic and visual designer and and co-creator of badass-girl-magazine Szajn. You go girl! 👊

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Weronika Anna Marianna website & instagram.


Rome, Italy | by Thomas Hoepker

Rome, Italy by Thomas Hoepker, 1984 | © Magnum Photos

German photographer Thomas Hoepker‘s take on Rome, Italy, in 1984. A real lesson on how to capture moods and personalities. Wonderful. ✨

Have you guys ever been to Rome?

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Thomas Hoepker via Magnum Photos.
Thomas Hoepker instagram.
Magnum Photos instagram.