Stacked | Malte Brandenburg

Malte Brandenburg | Stacked

Stacked is a photography series by Malte Brandenburg, in which he shoots post-war housing estates in Berlin. These buildings initially provided modern and affordable housing for many middle class families. Over the years, they were gradually replaced by families with economic and social burdens.

In recent years various initiatives tried to counter the negative effects, e.g. by painting the rather grey buildings.

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Malte Brandenburg website & instagram.


Tropical Art – Mood Board | Iódice

Iódice Tropical Art | Verão 17-18

A few favorites from Iódice‘s Summer 17-18. I liked the light fabrics: crepe, silk, rayon, linen and fresh knits. The classic black and white combination is always very elegant and I love the beautiful variations of nude. The cutouts are also very interesting.

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Iódice website & instagram.


Instafave: oanabefort

Instafave: @oanabefort | Perfil com aquarelas botânicas, arte folk e nostagia da infância

Oana is a romanian born freelance graphic artist, who shares her beautiful illustrations ~ and also a little bit of her work method ~ via instagram. You’ll really like her feed if you love botanical watercolors, folk art and childhood nostalgia.

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Balzac Paris | JULY 017

Balzac Paris | JULY 017 Balzac Paris | JULY 017 Balzac Paris | JULY 017 Balzac Paris | JULY 017 Balzac Paris | JULY 017 Balzac Paris | JULY 017

In love with the beauty and the simplicity of Balzac Paris, a brand created by three friends ~ Charles, Victorien and Chrysoline ~ in 2011.

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Balzac Paris website & instagram.


Verde Mirror | Rikke Frost

Verde Mirror by Rikke Frost | via Woud

Verde Mirror is a project by designer Rikke Frost for the danish Woud. It was designed with inspiration from metal furniture from the 1950s and it has a shelf that provides space for plants or other small objects that could come in handy. Two small cut outs in the shelf allows one to hang clothes on a hanger on each side of the mirror and the frame functions as a third arm, that can be used to hang everyday objects. Beautiful, practical and functional.

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Woud website & instagram.
Rikke Frost website & instagram.