neon bedroom

Everyone knows that every decór needs a little color. Now how about bringing a bit of neon into your life? Here’s a few lovely rooms, all with pretty neon elements:

neon decorating, via Homelife
via Homelife

A very cute bedroom, with a color combination that I never imagined it would work: pink and yellow. The more neon the better. And how about the amazing dream neon light in the wall? Love it!

New Nordic Pastels, by Bemz
via Bemz

The perfect example of how something very simple can change an entire room completely. I really like the touch of neon yellow in the bed and I guess this could make a super easy DIY, don’t you think?

Castle and Things, via Castle
via Castle

If you don’t wanna make a big and definitive change, you can invest in bedding, pillows and even artwork with neon elements. These are from Castle (a lovely brand that has appeared on the blog before) and are perfect, especially the polka dot pillowcase. So cute!

home is where the heart is, via Eye Swoon
via Eye Swoon

Another cool and easy idea: neon washi tape frames! Isn’t beautiful? And the best part is that we can experiment with various colors and shapes, without worrying about the walls! I really want to try it in my office! \o/

Did you like the inspirations?
Does anyone already has neon elements at home?


Jen Mann

Shift, by Jen MannOscilate, by Jen MannIntrospection, by Jen Mann

Jen Mann‘s work is pretty amazing. I’d love to have one of her paitings in my living room. 

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Jen Mann website & tumblr.


The last three… movies

Os três últimos filmes

Deadfall (dir. Stefan Ruzowitzky, 2012)

The movie is basically about two brothers on the run after a casino heist. It gets more interesting when you realize that the focus of the movie is not the theft or the suspense, but the characters’ extremely complicated family relationships. Watch the trailer.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi (dir. David Gelb, 2011)

Here’s the plan: order that awesome Japanese food delivery and watch this amazing documentary about sushi master, and Japan’s national treasure, Jiro Ono. Of course, after seeing his perfect creations you will get very angry with that sushi-crap you just ate and start quoting airline tickets to Tokyo. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Watch the trailer.

His Girl Friday (dir. Howard Hawks, 1940)

Someone recommended me this one for being an old movie (I like old movies) and because it has a journalistic theme (and I’m a journalist), but not even Cary Grant was able to save it. And I’m not talking about the stereotypical view of the journalist, I’m talking about the amount of times that ALL characters spoke on the phone. Sometimes on two phones at the same time! I know that the phone was a new and very popular thing in the 40s, but please, a little less guys… Watch the trailer.


Creative gift wrap ideas

Every time I need to wrap that special/amazing/beautiful gift I have the same problem: the wrapping paper designs are always so childish, dull or plain ugly. This ever happened to you?

Thank heaven the internet is here to help us! Look at these unique and awesome gift wrap ideas:

gift wrap: Mountain Range

Mountain Range wrapping paper, by Norman’s Printery

Because EVERYTHING is prettier when wrapped in a mountain, right? And if the mountain have snow… even better! ;)


 gift wrap - Fun and lively

Fun and lively gift wrap, by Sarah Ray

A lively band formed by super weird – and cute – characters? Yes, please! \o/

gift wrap - lol cats

lol cats gift wrap, by Hello Harriet

Is the person getting the gift a cat lover? 100% chance she’ll fall in love with this design and even forget to open the gift (OK, not really forget, but at least take longer than normal to open)!

gift wrap - classic cocktails

Classic Cocktails gift wrap, by Kate Broughton

Who hasn’t thought of at least 5 friends who would love this gift paper full of classic drinks? Even better if the gift is drink-related (glasses, coasters, a cocktail book…).

 gift wrap - Mister and Misses fox

Mister and Misses fox gift wrap, by My Muse Comes and Goes

The boys get the Mister Fox gift wrap and the girls get the Misses Fox. Or maybe the other way around. Who says there are rules in the wrapping paper world? Let’s be adventurous!

Did you like these options? For a world with more creative gift wrap ideas! \o/


Lina Rennell Vegan Tote

Lina Rennell Vegan Tote

Lina Rennell vegan tote is made with an extremely durable and soft faux leather. This triangle print is so pretty! <3

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Lina Rennell website.
Via Beklina.


Dollop Coffee & Tea

Dollop Coffee & TeaDollop Coffee & TeaDollop Coffee & TeaDollop Coffee & TeaDollop Coffee & Tea

Great place, right? The Dollop Coffee & Tea is located in Chicago and all the branding, signage and interior design was created by Firebelly Design. If only there was one of those around here…

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Dollop Coffee & Tea website.
Firebelly Design website.


Skandinavisk ceramics

Skandinavisk CeramicsSkandinavisk CeramicsSkandinavisk CeramicsSkandinavisk CeramicsSkandinavisk CeramicsSkandinavisk Ceramics

Beautiful work of ceramist Jeanette Hiiri for Skandinavisk. Such lovely and delicate designs! <3

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Skandinavisk website.
Jeanette Hiiri website.
The photography is by Pia Winther, via Yellows.


Beauty favorites – january

Beauty favorites - january 2014

These are a few of my january beauty favorites:

1. Kiehl’s Hair Conditioner and Grooming Aid – Formula 133 – Great conditioner with hydrolyzed wheat protein, suitable for all hair types. It really moisturizes, leaving the hair very soft and manageable. I highly recommend!

2. Dermage Eyelash Power - I’m always searching for a product that will fill in the gaps in my eyebrows, so I was super excited when I saw this fortifying serum that helps eyelashes and eyebrows grow. After one month, my gaps are still there (so sad), but I can say that the rest of the hair is more elongated and thick.

3. SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF - I can’t live without serum guys! This one is antioxidant and has a molecular combination that protects the cells from external aggression and strengthens the skin structure. It has a high concentration of vitamin C (some people find it a bit too strong) and makes my skin super luminous.

4. La Roche-Posay Anthelios AC – 30 SPF - In the scorching sun here in Rio, we can only survive with tons of sunscreen. I’ve been experimenting with several of them and I really liked this one. It’s fast-absorbing and has a non-greasy texture that I love. Perfect for oily or acne prone skins.

Which beauty products were your favorites this month?




A beautiful and fun collaboration between photographer Marion Luttenberger and her friend Briony for Vancouver based company Goodforks. The focus of this series is on the authenticity and transparency of markets while believing that good food has the power to change the economic viability of communities. Very nice!

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Marion Luttenberger website.
Goodforks website.


Alfie Six – Utility Case

Alfie Six - Utility CaseAlfie Six - Utility Case

Isn’t this the cutest bicycle saddle bag you’ve ever seen? And it’s also hand stitched and can be used as a shoulder bag. Lovely!

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Alfie Douglas website.