Kate Gabrielle – Pop Culture in Pins and Patches

Kate Gabrielle | Pins & Patches

Kate Gabrielle, making all of our pop culture wishes come true in the form of pins and patches (and in other formats too, you really should visit her amazing online shop)!

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Kate Gabrielle website & instagram


Lovely Face Planters

Stella Baggott | Atelier Stella

Do you talk to your plants? People say that they like that special attention and repay us with the beauty and growth of their leaves and flowers. To make this task a little easier, how about using one of the many options of face planters available out there? This way we feel less crazy-plant-lady, right? ;)

Faceplanters | Atelier Stella

Atelier Stella • websiteinstagram

The Atelier Stella pieces are all handmade ~ and therefore unique ~ inspired by the work of Italian and Swedish potters of the 50s and 60s. Beautifully handcrafted by Stella Baggot in Brighton, England. I love all the pieces with that “little feet”, so adorable!

Faceplanters | Friend Assembly

Friend Assemblywebsite | instagram

Very expressive (and a little crazy) faces, how not to love? Art teacher Sarah Schreiber decided to create her own friends in the form of pottery. Better for us, who now have access to all that loveliness!

Faceplanters | Noe Marin

Noe Marín Studio • etsy | instagram

Noe‘s grandparents owned a small tile factory in southern Spain and it was from them that she inherited her love of ceramics. Her pieces are delicate, playful and cute.

Faceplanters | Oh Happy Day

Oh Happy Day • blog post

Now is your chance to make your own face planter! The Oh Happy Day blog teaches how to make them using oven-bake clay, very easy to find in craft houses and even stationery stores. Let’s DIY. \o/

Do you know another face planter artist?
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NANAN Patisserie | Wroclaw, Poland

NANAN Patisserie | Wroclaw, Polônia

NANAN is a modern, but retro-looking patisserie in Wroclaw, Poland. The project is by the (also Polish) BUCK.STUDIO, which designed the interiors with a deliberately minimalist vibe, to highlight the true protagonists: finely decorated sophisticated cakes and éclairs. 

We can tell from the photos that the éclair, NANAN‘s specialty, inspired the interior design and the visual identity of the place (the lamps, the central island counter, the brand). And, let’s face it, it’s really hard to resist all this soft pink velvet and bronze details. 

NANAN Patisserie
Kotlarska 32, Wroclaw, Poland
website | instagram

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General Store

General Store | Não Me Mande Flores

I’m always AMAZED with General Store‘s product selection. It seems like they ALWAYS choose everything I love. #favorite

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General Store shop & instagram.


deVOL Ceramic Kitchenware

deVOL Ceramic Kitchenware | Não Me Mande Flores

deVOL is a company specialized (among other things) in the creation and design of beautiful and personalized kitchens. Everything is handcrafted in Leicestershire, England, with such good taste, it’s amazing to see

But what struck me the most was their line of ceramics, designed and executed by potter Claire Fowler. More about Claire’s trajectory and work process in the video above (it’s worth to watch, trust me!).

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deVOL Kitchens website & instagram.