Today’s craving: Adidas Gazelle OG

Adidas Gazelle OG

Today I’m longing for a Adidas Gazelle OG, gray and pink. Lovely, isn’t? ♥

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Adidas website.
Via gravitypope.


The last three… movies

os três últimos filmes

Lola Versus (dir. Daryl Wein, 2012)

Another young-woman-searching-for-herself movie, that’s so in these days. It’s a nice movie, but I would recommend Frances Ha instead, with the same protagonist (the independent directors favorite Greta Gerwig) and a very similar central plot. The highlight goes to Zoe Lister Jones, hilarious as Alice, Lola‘s best friend. Watch the trailer.

LOL (Laughing Out Loud) (dir. Lisa Azuelos, 2008)

Nothing special about this teenage drama/love story, but it’s nice to remember how everything is raised to the hundredth power when you’re 16. And I wish my school was so full of beautiful and stylish people… :) Watch the trailer. *

* I just found out there’s an American version of the movie with Miley Cyrus. S.C.A.R.Y.

Dorian Gray (dir. Oliver Parker, 2009)

Perhaps those who haven’t read the novel by Oscar Wilde might get more from this adaptation (as indeed happens with many other movies adapted from classic books). Ben Barnes as Dorian Gray also doesn’t help much. Just like the special effects of the Dorian Gray painting, completely unnecessary. Watch the trailer.


Jordan Clark’s collages

Can't Hide Forever, by Jordan ClarkEyes of a Nation, by Jordan ClarkWash Away, by Jordan Clark

I think Jordan Clark‘s collage work is pretty amazing. He plays with digital and paper collages, creating a very kaleidoscopic and interesting view of the world.

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Jordan Clark website & flickr.


DIY: fabric-covered wooden spoons

fabric-covered wooden spoonsfabric-covered wooden spoons

What a lovely idea to make – and to gift – this holiday: fabric-covered wooden spoons! There’s a tutorial explaining how to make them here (but you can tell it has no mystery, right?). I wanna know who is going to try this – and maybe send me one as a gift?  ;)

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DIY via Alice & Lois.


Decorating with herbs

The Fresh Exchange dinnerThe Fresh Exchange dinner

With the holidays now approaching we begin to think of a few beautiful ways to set the table, right? Look at this lovely and simple idea: herbs as centerpieces! The best part is that they can be used later in new recipes or can serve as party favors for the guests at the end of the event. Fabulous!

You can get a better idea of this amazing dinner in this video:

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Via The Fresh Exchange.


West Elm + Faribault

West Elm + FaribaultWest Elm + Faribault

West Elm has joined forces with Faribault Woolen Mill Company, an american company that produces high quality wool since 1895, and is launching a beautiful collection of blankets, throws and pillows. I’m loving the throws and I’m already picturing that last one on my couch.  :)

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West Elm + Faribault website.
Faribault Woolen Mill Company website.


Open space

open spaceopen spaceopen space

I love this open space concept for homes, it’s a shame we don’t find it here so often. The possibility of seeing the whole house from the top, in this suspended bedroom, seems really fun!

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Via Skeppsholmen.


(almost) perfect Home Office

Justine Hugh-Jones home office

I work almost every day from home, so I’m always looking for inspiring home offices to maybe take a few ideas to my own benefit. This gorgeous space – home office of designer Justine Hugh-Jones – was love at first sight. Organization (the suspended files) and caos (the images on the mood-board) in the right measure. To me, the place is only missing a computer to achieve perfection.  :)

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Justine Hugh-Jones website.
Via Est Magazine.


sweet skulls_love

doces caveirinhas_love

My homage to halloween – a few sweet skulls:

1. A bag of chocolate skulls, in Torie Jayne‘s lovely pic.
2. Evil – and pretty – cupcakes, in Mandy‘s pic.
3. Ginger wasabi filled chocolate skulls (with recipe!) via spabettie.
4. Sugar skulls, photo by Alix Bancourt taken in the Mixquic cemetery in Mexico.


DIY – feather necklace

Feather Necklace tutorialFeather Necklace tutorial

I saw this beautiful and super easy tutorial on Rebekah’s blog and I had to share it with you guys. Isn’t it the cutest? Who will try to make this at home?

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Via a bit of sunshine.