Betina Lou

Betina Lou - Printemps-Été 2014Betina Lou - Printemps-Été 2014Betina Lou - Printemps-Été 2014Betina Lou - Printemps-Été 2014

Betina LouCollection Printemps-Été 2014. Love at first sight. ♥

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Betina Lou website & tumblr.


Bouffants and Broken Hearts

Bouffants and Broken Hearts

Pretty fruit prints by Bouffants and Broken Hearts. I want all the mugs and throw pillows in my home! :)

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Bouffants and Broken Hearts tumblr & Society6 shop.


Beauty favorites – may

Beauty favorites - may 2014

These are a few of my may beauty favorites:

1. Niely Gold Sensitive Care deodorant aerosol and roll on – Did you know that Niely has a full line of deodorants? I discovered them on my visit to the brand’s factory and I have to say I’m very impressed with the Sensitive Care line. The fragrance is amazing! I tried (and loved) both the roll on version and the aerosol. I really recommend it!

2. Natura Tododia Pure Plant Massager bar soap Hazelnuts and Pomegranate – I cannot live without these fabulous soaps by Natura. Of course the massaging effect fades as the soap is being used, but the lovely scent and the after-bath soft skin compensates.

3. Dermage Hair BB Cream  – And now we have BB Cream for the hair! This balm has 10 multifunctional benefits and should be used as a leave-in, post-wash, with the hair still damp. I noticed that my hair gets super shiny whenever I use it. And it also have sunscreen. Yay!

4. Le Petit Marseillais Crème Mains Réparatrice – Super moisturizer hand cream, with shea butter, aloe and beeswax in its formula. The great thing about it is that it doesn’t leave that horrible greasy texture in your hands, so it’s perfect to use before bedtime!

Which beauty products were your favorites this month?


Lady Grey

Lady Grey, by Tilly DoroLady Grey, by Tilly Doro

Gorgeous acessories from the Lady Grey collection, by american brand Tilly Doro. The earrings from the first pic – Triangle drop – are amazing!

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Tilly Doro website.


Birds of North America

Birds of North America - Spring/Summer 2014Birds-of-North-America-2Birds of North America - Spring/Summer 2014

How can I deal with the cuteness of these Birds of North America dresses, from their Spring/Summer collection? And with the cuteness of this model? #cutenessoverload

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Birds of North America website.


April Look Spring/Summer 2014

April Look Spring/Summer 2014April Look Spring/Summer 2014April Look Spring/Summer 2014

How beautiful is the Spring/Summer 2014 campaign from lithuanian men’s accessories brand April Look? All bow ties, neckties, pocket squares and bandanas are handmade, with natural fabrics such as linen, cotton and wool. Lovely!

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April Look website.


Today’s craving: Ellison

Ellison Marble Sandstone, by Warby Parker

Today I’m longing for the Ellison, this cute sunnies by Warby Parker

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Warby Parker website.
The little cupid is a cute Patrícia Mafra illustration.


Gourmet mouse traps

Gourmet Mouse Traps - strawberry cheesecakeGourmet Mouse Traps - pizzaGourmet Mouse Traps - mac & cheese

Mouse traps specially designed to catch gourmet mice. Series of images created by photographer Davide Luciano and food stylist Claudia Ficca. Of course, all the food have a little cheese in its ingredients. :)

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Davide Luciano website.
Claudia Ficca website.
Via designboom.




1. I have a secret, beautiful illustration by Daniela Dahf Henríquez.
2. Be careful not to crush him, so cute! The pic is Theresa‘s.
3. Berry delicious! How not to love berries? Cute pic by Barb D’Arpino.
4. One of many adorable illustrations by The Fox & The Teacup.


Lucy Augé: patterns

Lucy Augé patternLucy Augé patternLucy Augé pattern

Lucy Augé, making our day prettier. Aren’t these patterns adorable?

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Lucy Augé website & blog.