The last three… movies

os três últimos filmes

Café Lumière (Kôhî jikô, dir. Hsiao-hsien Hou, 2003)

The movie is a homage to the great Japanese director Yasujirô Ozu and is even more minimalist than the original (if that’s possible). It shows fragments of the life of young Yoko and her friend Hajime and is filled with reflections on the passing of time and family relationships. But you should be familiar with Ozu’s aesthetics (or you might end up with the feeling that “nothing-happens-in-this-movie“). Watch the trailer.

Abducted (dir. Lucy Phillips e Glen Scantlebury, 2013)

A couple is kidnapped in a park and have no idea why and who are the abductors. The story has an interesting atmosphere of mystery, until the middle of the movie, when you realize what’s really going on and gets a little disappointed… Watch the trailer.

In a World… (dir. Lake Bell, 2013)

A fun indie movie about the sexist voice-over industry. I know, the theme is rather odd, but it’s a very light and entertaining comedy (and with so many clichés out there, it’s good to watch a movie with such an unusual theme for a change, right?). Watch the trailer.


Companion Cocktail Napkin

Companion Cocktail Napkin - orangeCompanion Cocktail Napkin - turquoiseCompanion Cocktail Napkin - red

Anthropologie, once again, making me wish things never before imagined: dying to get my hands on these sweet cotton cocktail napkins, with doggie patterns!

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Anthropologie website.


Georges Dambier

Anna Karina, by Georges Dambier (ELLE 1959)Simone d’Aillencourt, by Georges Dambier (ELLE 1958)Marie-Hélène Arnaud, by Georges Dambier (1957)

How not to admire Georges Dambier, one of the first fashion photographers to take models out of the studio and into the streets? Love his work! ♥

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Georges Dambier website.


hand painted ceramics: Room for Emptiness

Room For Emptiness: 3 Bowls hand-painted "somewhat angular"Room For Emptiness: Hand-painted vintage cup & saucerRoom For Emptiness: Bowl hand-painted "somewhat angular"Room For Emptiness:Hand-painted milk jug "somewhat angular"

One of the most beautiful crafts ever: hand-painted ceramics. These are all from Room for Emptiness, created by the designer Lena Hanzel. She searches for sets or individual pieces at flea markets and paints them with a porcelain pen. Simple and pretty!

Lena Hanzel
Lena Hanzel in action! 

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Room for Emptiness website & etsy shop (ships internationally).


cotton candy_love

algodão doce_love

We know that is pure sugar and that can’t be good for our teeth, but who can resist these little beauties?

1. So round and pretty, in this Sabino Aguad pic!
2. The beautiful Flannery, from The Fair Allure blog, having fun at the park.
3. Warm and fuzzy heart cookie pops (with recipe!), via The Decorated Cookie.
4. I fell in love with Diane‘s spontaneous and beautiful picture. <3


Instalab – premium printing


Raise your hand if you’re addicted to instagram! o/

I think everyone is addicted in some level, right? The problem is, as happened before with the phenomenon of digital photos, the images we register there end up getting forgotten after a while (after all, who prints instagram photos, right?). I used to think that until I met Instalab, a company created by two Portuguese friends, specialized in turning our instagram pics in super cool products!

Besides the option to print the pictures with or without borders (with Fuji Professional paper), you can order stickers, magnets, booklets… And there’s also a Lab, where the girls suggest new and creative ways to print the instagram pics like calendars, wooden panels and business cards. Amazing!


One of the coolest suggestions – and the one I ended up ordering – is to transform the images into 10cm tiles (the pack with 6 tiles costs around US$ 25). Everything was very well packed and each tile is protected by a fabric on the back (a kind of soft suede).


The printing is very well done – as you can see in the photos – but it’s always nice to remember that if your instagram pics are too bright, that will reflect in the print. I’m in love with the tiles and they are now decorating every single room of my house. They’re really pretty!


There’s also the option to make the classic refrigerator magnets and you can buy a package with 10 magnets for about US$ 20. They’re perfect if you, like me, love to change the décor of your kitchen from time to time!


Look how lovely these impressions in polaroid format, called Retroprints, are! The package with 20 retroprints is US$ 13. And you can hang them all over your house (I know I did). :)

Visit Instalab’s website to see more options for customizing and printing your photos!
Do you usually print your digital photos and images from instagram?

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Instalab website, instagram & fan page.


Beauty favorites – february

Beauty favorites - february 2014

These are a few of my february beauty favorites:

1. Natura EKOS eau de cologne Encantos de Capitiú - Capitiú is a sacred plant that has aromatic leaves with healing properties. Natura nailed it with this floral fragrance, with notes of pink pepper, it’s a delight! Ideal for those days of intense heat, in which we don’t want to use a super strong perfume.

2. KEUNE So Pure shampoo & conditioner - This line relaxes the scalp, adds volume (after my last haircut I’ve been trying to add some volume to it) and a beautiful shine to the hair. I love the fragrance too, a mix of chamomile and lavender. The brand says that the line also relieves headaches, which is a wonderful bonus, right?

3. Océane Femme Colour My Lips Lip Crayon – Dark Red - I love the practicality of lipsticks in pencil shape and I was pleasently surprised with this Lip Crayon. High coverage, very moisturizing and beautiful color – Dark Red is a very dark burgundy, almost brown. Now I want to try the other colors (Red looks beautiful too)!

4. Quem disse, Berenice? Lip Balm – Malveta - Lip balm is never too much, especially if it has a cute color like this one. The size is ideal to carry it in your purse and give that makeup touch up in the middle of the afternoon (moisturizing your lips at the same time). I apply it with my fingers, but, since it has color, it’s a good idea to use a makeup brush! ;)

Which beauty products were your favorites this month?


Vanessa Bruno’s lovely living room

Vanessa Bruno Marais apartmentVanessa Bruno Marais apartmentVanessa Bruno Marais apartment

This lovely living room – amazing from every angle – is part of the designer Vanessa Bruno‘s apartment in the Marais district in Paris. Delicate and beautiful, don’t you think? A gorgeous decór inspiration.

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Vanessa Bruno website.
Photography by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer for Interiør Magasinet.


Kup Kup Land bookmarks

Kup Kup Land bookmarkKup Kup Land bookmarkKup Kup Land bookmarkKup Kup Land bookmarkKup Kup Land bookmarks

The cutest bookmarks ever, designed by Kup Kup Land. I think I would read a lot more if I had one of these babies. :)

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Kup Kup Land etsy shop (ships internationally).


neon bedroom

Everyone knows that every decór needs a little color. Now how about bringing a bit of neon into your life? Here’s a few lovely rooms, all with pretty neon elements:

neon decorating, via Homelife
via Homelife

A very cute bedroom, with a color combination that I never imagined it would work: pink and yellow. The more neon the better. And how about the amazing dream neon light in the wall? Love it!

New Nordic Pastels, by Bemz
via Bemz

The perfect example of how something very simple can change an entire room completely. I really like the touch of neon yellow in the bed and I guess this could make a super easy DIY, don’t you think?

Castle and Things, via Castle
via Castle

If you don’t wanna make a big and definitive change, you can invest in bedding, pillows and even artwork with neon elements. These are from Castle (a lovely brand that has appeared on the blog before) and are perfect, especially the polka dot pillowcase. So cute!

home is where the heart is, via Eye Swoon
via Eye Swoon

Another cool and easy idea: neon washi tape frames! Isn’t beautiful? And the best part is that we can experiment with various colors and shapes, without worrying about the walls! I really want to try it in my office! \o/

Did you like the inspirations?
Does anyone already has neon elements at home?