Alfie Six – Utility Case

Alfie Six - Utility CaseAlfie Six - Utility Case

Isn’t this the cutest bicycle saddle bag you’ve ever seen? And it’s also hand stitched and can be used as a shoulder bag. Lovely!

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Alfie Douglas website.


Madelynn Furlong’s apartment

Madelynn Furlong's Minneapolis apartmentMadelynn Furlong's Minneapolis apartmentMadelynn Furlong's Minneapolis apartmentMadelynn Furlong's Minneapolis apartmentMadelynn Furlong's Minneapolis apartmentMadelynn Furlong's Minneapolis apartment

I’m loving designer and blogger Madelynn Furlong‘s appartment in Minneapolis. The place is zero pretense and has a simplicity and beauty that really attract me. And that beautiful big window in the living room = love.

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Madelynn Furlong blog.
Via The Everygirl.


sleepy kitty_love

gatinho dormindo_love

1. Sleeping the day away, beautiful pic by *Cinnamon.
2. This little cuteness fell asleep with his glasses! Ashley Tarr‘s pic.
3. She doesn’t need to lay down to sleep… Via
4. Sleeping on her side, George Louis Baker‘s pic.

« I had already done a post with sleepy kittens in 2011, remember? »


Hello Friends giveaway winner

The winner of the Hello Friends giveaway is:

Hello Friends giveaway winner

Thanks to all of you who filled out my blog survey and see you in the next giveaway! ♥


Summer Fruits

Summer Fruits by Amy Walters

Cell phone cases perfect for summer, designed by Amy Walters. Love them! Available for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.

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Amy Walters website.
Cases via Redbublle.


Ceridwen Hazelchild Design

Ceridwen Hazelchild Design - Cupcakes Eco Cotton Tote BagCeridwen Hazelchild Design - Blue Typewriter Eco Cotton Tote BagCeridwen Hazelchild Design - Vintage World Map Hearts Eco Cotton Tote BagCeridwen Hazelchild Design - Vintage Blue Caravan Eco Cotton Tote BagCeridwen Hazelchild Design - Vintage Teacups and Saucers Eco Cotton Tote Bag

Loving these cotton totes, with original illustrations by Ceridwen Hazelchild Design. The pocket mirrors are also adorable!

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Ceridwen Hazelchild Design website & etsy shop (ships internationally).


Blog Survey + Hello Friends giveaway (closed)

*Update: This giveaway is now closed, thanks for participating. The winner is Ana Beatriz Quinto, as generated by

sorteio Hello Friends

Dear readers, that special moment have arrived. It’s quick and painless for you, but it helps me a lot to make a better blog for everyone: the 2014 Blog Survey!

You can answer it anonymously if you want, it’s totally OK! But if you leave your name and e-mail at the end of the form, you will enter a sweet giveaway and may win this lovely Livework notebook. Yay!

2014 Blog Survey

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The Jar of Sunshine

The Jar of Sunshine by Michael Mullan

A little love for us today… Beautiful illustration by Michael Mullan. ♥

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Michael Mullan website & etsy shop (ships internationally).



Cameras by SpYCameras by SpYCameras by SpYCameras by SpYCameras by SpY

Cameras is an installation by spanish artist SpY in Madrid: 150 false security cameras “with the intention of not watching over anything“. Impossible not to reflect on our increasingly voyeuristic society  and over our lives, more monitored every day.

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SpY website.


The last three… movies

Os três últimos filmes

I Wish (Kiseki, dir. Hirokazu Koreeda, 2011)

It’s a movie with children rather than a children movie, you know? This little japanese gem tells the story of a 12 year old boy who believes that the energy released by two bullet trains can bring his separated parents and his little family together. It has the simplicity and beauty that only the japanese can do. Watch the trailer.

Oh Boy (dir. Jan Ole Gerster, 2012)

The recurring theme of the lost young man in search of his place in the world, but with an interesting perspective (and it’s filmed in Berlin in b&w, which is a bonus). The script is great, sometimes comical, sometimes quite dark, and the ending is very clever. And it has a clear reference to Breathless in the first scene, so how could I not love? ;) Watch the trailer.

The Trip (dir. Roger Corman, 1967)

Scripted by Jack Nicholson, the film follows the first LSD “trip” of a television commercial director in crisis, guided by a friend/guru. Legend has it that, to prepare for the film, Jack and his future partners in Easy Rider Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper (who also work in the movie) engaged in a group LSD trip. I guess this must have been pretty standard behavior for those guys in the 60′s. Throughout the movie I could only think what a hassle it must have taken to edit those crazy scenes: there’s hooded knights, dwarves, go go dancers, strobe lights, witches… the typical bad trip I guess. Watch the trailer.