Skandinavisk ceramics

Skandinavisk CeramicsSkandinavisk CeramicsSkandinavisk CeramicsSkandinavisk CeramicsSkandinavisk CeramicsSkandinavisk Ceramics

Beautiful work of ceramist Jeanette Hiiri for Skandinavisk. Such lovely and delicate designs! <3

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Skandinavisk website.
Jeanette Hiiri website.
The photography is by Pia Winther, via Yellows.


Beauty favorites – january

Beauty favorites - january 2014

These are a few of my january beauty favorites:

1. Kiehl’s Hair Conditioner and Grooming Aid – Formula 133 – Great conditioner with hydrolyzed wheat protein, suitable for all hair types. It really moisturizes, leaving the hair very soft and manageable. I highly recommend!

2. Dermage Eyelash Power - I’m always searching for a product that will fill in the gaps in my eyebrows, so I was super excited when I saw this fortifying serum that helps eyelashes and eyebrows grow. After one month, my gaps are still there (so sad), but I can say that the rest of the hair is more elongated and thick.

3. SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF - I can’t live without serum guys! This one is antioxidant and has a molecular combination that protects the cells from external aggression and strengthens the skin structure. It has a high concentration of vitamin C (some people find it a bit too strong) and makes my skin super luminous.

4. La Roche-Posay Anthelios AC – 30 SPF - In the scorching sun here in Rio, we can only survive with tons of sunscreen. I’ve been experimenting with several of them and I really liked this one. It’s fast-absorbing and has a non-greasy texture that I love. Perfect for oily or acne prone skins.

Which beauty products were your favorites this month?




A beautiful and fun collaboration between photographer Marion Luttenberger and her friend Briony for Vancouver based company Goodforks. The focus of this series is on the authenticity and transparency of markets while believing that good food has the power to change the economic viability of communities. Very nice!

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Marion Luttenberger website.
Goodforks website.


Alfie Six – Utility Case

Alfie Six - Utility CaseAlfie Six - Utility Case

Isn’t this the cutest bicycle saddle bag you’ve ever seen? And it’s also hand stitched and can be used as a shoulder bag. Lovely!

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Alfie Douglas website.


Madelynn Furlong’s apartment

Madelynn Furlong's Minneapolis apartmentMadelynn Furlong's Minneapolis apartmentMadelynn Furlong's Minneapolis apartmentMadelynn Furlong's Minneapolis apartmentMadelynn Furlong's Minneapolis apartmentMadelynn Furlong's Minneapolis apartment

I’m loving designer and blogger Madelynn Furlong‘s appartment in Minneapolis. The place is zero pretense and has a simplicity and beauty that really attract me. And that beautiful big window in the living room = love.

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Madelynn Furlong blog.
Via The Everygirl.


sleepy kitty_love

gatinho dormindo_love

1. Sleeping the day away, beautiful pic by *Cinnamon.
2. This little cuteness fell asleep with his glasses! Ashley Tarr‘s pic.
3. She doesn’t need to lay down to sleep… Via
4. Sleeping on her side, George Louis Baker‘s pic.

« I had already done a post with sleepy kittens in 2011, remember? »


Hello Friends giveaway winner

The winner of the Hello Friends giveaway is:

Hello Friends giveaway winner

Thanks to all of you who filled out my blog survey and see you in the next giveaway! ♥


Summer Fruits

Summer Fruits by Amy Walters

Cell phone cases perfect for summer, designed by Amy Walters. Love them! Available for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.

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Amy Walters website.
Cases via Redbublle.


Ceridwen Hazelchild Design

Ceridwen Hazelchild Design - Cupcakes Eco Cotton Tote BagCeridwen Hazelchild Design - Blue Typewriter Eco Cotton Tote BagCeridwen Hazelchild Design - Vintage World Map Hearts Eco Cotton Tote BagCeridwen Hazelchild Design - Vintage Blue Caravan Eco Cotton Tote BagCeridwen Hazelchild Design - Vintage Teacups and Saucers Eco Cotton Tote Bag

Loving these cotton totes, with original illustrations by Ceridwen Hazelchild Design. The pocket mirrors are also adorable!

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Ceridwen Hazelchild Design website & etsy shop (ships internationally).


Blog Survey + Hello Friends giveaway (closed)

*Update: This giveaway is now closed, thanks for participating. The winner is Ana Beatriz Quinto, as generated by

sorteio Hello Friends

Dear readers, that special moment have arrived. It’s quick and painless for you, but it helps me a lot to make a better blog for everyone: the 2014 Blog Survey!

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