instafave: tumblinbumblincrumblincookie

instafave: tumblinbumblincrumblincookie

If you love gastronomy (or simply like to check out beautiful food pics) and are not following Lin on instagram… you don’t know what you’re missing! And she’s only 15 years old guys! Amazing!

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Tilly Doro + GIVEAWAY

*Update: This giveaway is now closed, thanks for participating. The winner is Ana Clara Vicente, as generated by

Tilly Doro

A few days ago I discovered Tilly Doro, while researching pretty acessories on the internet, and made a post about the brand here on the blog. After the post, the brand’s creator and designer Nogah Rotstein contacted me to offer a 20% discount to all my readers, on any purchase in her store. Isn’t she sweet?

Look at how many beautiful items they have in the store, I’m delighted with everthing:

Tilly Doro - favorites

Among all their amazing pieces, I selected these three as my favorites: the Geo Drops earrings, the Triptych necklace and the Island Rope bracelet. Aren’t they gorgeous? To get 20% off any purchase on the Tilly Doro store just use the coupon code xox on checkout. Enjoy it!

Nogah was extra kind and sent me a gift to give away to one of my readers. The super delicate Turquoise Bar bracelet, gold plated, with a beautiful turquoise stone in the center. So lovely!

Tilly Doro giveaway

Want to win a Turquoise Bar bracelet from Tilly Doro? All you have to do is:

* Like Tilly Doro on Facebook.
* Fill out the form below.

Extra chance: if you follow Tilly Doro on Instagram you’re entitled to one more entry. Simply fill out the form above again, indicating your instagram profile.

A winner will be chosen randomly (via on friday, july 25. Good luck!


Museum Nails

Museum Nails - Fruit Cocktail Museum Nails - Jungalow Museum Nails - Eyes

Fruit CocktailJungalow and Eyes are a few of the cute nail sticker models designed by Museum Nails. So fun!

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Museum Nails website & instagram.


Goddess Leaf Headband

riple Golden Goddess Leaf Headband riple Golden Goddess Leaf Headband

Isn’t it gorgeous??? Loving the Triple Golden Goddess Leaf Headband, by Acute Designs! <3

« Remember these beautiful earrings from the same brand? »

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Acute Designs blog & etsy shop.


The last three… movies

Os três últimos filmes: The Eclipse + Le Capital + Stuck in Love

The Eclipse (dir. Conor McPherson, 2009)

During a literary festival in Cobh, a seaside Irish town, a widower starts to receive very strange visitors at home. The novelist Lena Morelle, a specialist in ghost stories, arrives in town for the festival and gets involved in the case. It’s not a typical horror story, but it does have a few good scares and suspenseful moments. An Cobh is such a beautiful (and a little creepy) place, I want to visit someday… Watch the trailer.

Capital (Le Capital, dir. Costa-Gavras, 2012)

Let’s just say that this movie makes The Wolf of Wall Street look like a finance movie for dummies. And Gad Elmaleh as the unscrupulous CEO Marc Tourneuil is amazing: zero cliché, zero affectation. Simply wonderful. And, as the movie ends, we get a little depressed, knowing that the world is in the hands of these bankers. Watch the trailer.

Stuck in Love (dir. Josh Boone, 2012)

One of those movies that looks at love from many angles and from the point of view of several generations of the same family. Not a great movie (really!), but I can point out that I found interesting to see a family of writers, each with their literary references. It made me want to grab a book, more than finish watching the movie, to be honest. Watch the trailer.


Smoothie fever

Hearty Fruit and Oat Smoothie

Hearty Fruit and Oat Smoothie

Mango and Yogurt Smoothie

Mango and Yogurt Smoothie

Green Ginger-Peach Smoothie

 Green Ginger-Peach Smoothie

Green Ginger-Peach Smoothie

Tropical Blueberry Smoothie

Is there anything better than having a smoothie in the morning or along with an afternoon snack? The great Martha Stewart makes, once again, our lifes more delicious – and healthy! – with these four quick and easy recipes.

Just click the links to go to the recipes! \o/

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Beauty favorites – june

Beauty favorites - june 2014

These are a few of my june beauty favorites:

1. Cless Kit Charming Mini Gloss Collection -This mini kit is very handy, especially if you’re going on a weekend trip, or to leave it in your gym bag, for example. It has a shampoo, a conditioner (both with 120ml) + a gloss spray. This line deeply moisturizes the hair and helps restore its fibers.

2. Yenzah ProVida Batana Oil – I think everyone know the Batana Oil by its most “famous” name: Ojon Oil. The fragrance is pretty amazing! I rub a few drops in my hands and apply it to my hair. You can also mix a little bit of the oil in your favorite hair moisturizer, for a killer hydration.

3. Yenzah Take it Off – Express Nail Polish Remover – I’m completely obsessed with this express nail polish remover, in the form of a sponge. It removes even the darkest nail polish (you can see how the magic works in this video). It also has no parabens or acetone, which means no dry nails. Yay!

4. Dermage Highlight Maxi – On one side, a eyebrow pencil. On the other, a eye illuminator. I can no longer live without this amazing duo. I’ve tried everything to fix my crazy-looking eyebrows, but while I can’t find the perfect definitive solution, I stick to this product right here!

Which beauty products were your favorites this month?


DIY: Milk Bag

Milk bags, by Lisa Gachet Milk bag, by Lisa Gachet

Are you a DIY fan? Even if you’re not all that into it, I’m sure you won’t resist this one: how about making one of these cute milk bags at home?

The project is Lisa Gachet‘s, responsible for the lovely Make my lemonade blog, and you can check out the tutorial (with pics!) here. It seems a little complicated, but I’m sure all my crafty readers can handle it.  \o/

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via Make my lemonade.




Madly. In love. THE WHITEPEPPER, I heart you! 

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THE WHITEPEPPER website & blog.


DIY Sushi

Plaplax build-your-own sushi playset Plaplax build-your-own sushi playset

From the series: things I need, but did not know existed until yesterday. Build-your-own sushi playset wooden blocks, by japanese design studio Plaplax. Sooo cool!.

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Plaplax website.