Rami Kim Ceramics

Rami Kim Cerâmica | Ceramics

Rami Kim, what can I say about your wonderful pottery work? My heart just skipped a beat. ♥

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Rami Kim website & instagram.


The Vamoose | Kathryn Blackmore

The Vamoose - Kathryn Blackmore | Jóias com pedras

If you like stones, I’m sure you’ll love Kathryn Blackmore’s jewelery brand The Vamoose. The pieces with Peruvian opal, natural magnesite and marble are my favorites.

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The Vamoose website, blog & instagram.


Solidarité Féminine

Solidarité Féminine T-Shirt | MILLE + Maddy Nye

Solidarité Féminine T-Shirt: a collaboration between MILLE and designer Maddy Nye. ♥

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MILLE website & instagram.
Maddy Nye website & instagram.


Colored pencils | Lee Kyutae

Lee Kyutae // Kokooma // Ilustração com lápis de cor

Common landscapes, calm interiors, street scenes. Lee Kyutae, a.k.a kokooma, is the artist behind these delicate drawings made with colored pencils. His sketchbook is simply sensational, full of realistic drawings that, at the same time, seem to have come out of a peaceful dream. Beautiful.

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Lee Kyutae tumblr & instagram.


Despensa N.6 | Lisbon, Portugal

Despensa N.6 | Confeitaria em Lisboa, Portugal

Gluttony without guilt. This is the idea behind Despensa N.6, a healthy pastry shop in Lisbon, Portugal where most products are of biological origin and lactose free. Everything is 100% gluten free, 100% sugar free, but 100% charming.

In addition to having a healthy snack, you can also fill your own pantry: the place sells bulk products, such as homemade granola, Himalayan salt and cinnamon. Love it. The beautiful project is from Savvy Agency.

Despensa N.6
Avenida Sacadura Cabral, 6A, Lisboa, Portugal
fanpage | instagram

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