MANGO Statement Earrings

MANGO Statement Earrings | Metallic clips earrings MANGO Statement Earrings | Faceted crystal earring MANGO Statement Earrings | Floral earrings MANGO Statement Earrings | Mixed pieces earrings MANGO Statement Earrings | Floral earrings

Crazy beautiful statement earrings from MANGO. I’ve got my eyes on a couple of them for days now.

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MANGO website & instagram.


Brass Lift Coasters

Food52 Brass Lift Coasters | Porta-Copos Minimalista

In love with these minimalists brass lift coasters from Food52. X marks the spot. ;)

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Food52 website & instagram


Scratch Map

Luckies Scratch Map XL | Mapa Mundi para marcar suas viagens

I’m sure a lot of people’s New Year’s resolution included “traveling more”. Look how cool is this Scratch Map from the ultra-creative Luckies: you scrape the countries you’ve visited, revealing vibrant colors underneath the golden layer. Beautiful isn’t it? #iwantit

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Luckies website & instagram


Merry Christmas and a better 2017

Seo Kim | Cat Christmas

2016 wasn’t easy. But I’m really excited for 2017 ~ and I thought a mountain of kittens could only contribute to a cuter and lighter new year. :)

A BIG thanks for all the kind words, the visits and the beautiful comments that you leave here on the blog every day. You guys are awesome!

Happy holidays and I see you next year!

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Illustration by Seo Kim


Internet Love: Planners 2017

Internet Love: Planners 2017 para download gratuito

Let’s get organized in 2017! Here are a few planner options for the next year: all made available for free by its creators. \o/

| Lemon Thistle |
| Beautyholics Anonymous |
| Sparkles of Sunshine |
| Simple as That |
| Eliza Ellis |
| 2×8 Design |