Arquivos: June 2015

Instafave: thejustfav

Let’s start the week with a massive dose of cuteness? This feed is wonderful, especially if you love french bulldogs. Marshmallow is sooo adorable! And there’s a cute shop too, in case you were wondering! \o/ Follow: @thejustfav



Wildlife is a series by photographer Philip Thurston, where he shoots his amazing encounters with sea creatures. Isn’t this the most wonderful thing ever? Almost fairy tale-like. #littlemermaidfeelings ∴ info ∴ Philip Thurston website & instagram.


Bunnyhell Mini-Book Necklace

Attention all book-lovers! These mini-book necklaces from Bunnyhell are adorable – and the best thing about them: you can customize with YOUR favorite book! \o/  ∴ info ∴ Bunnyhell tumblr & etsy shop (ships internationally).