Little Marc Jacobs

Mothers of young fashionistas buy their clothes at Little Marc Jacobs (for sale at Kids of Luxury). I would so wear that second look in adult size!


Caravan cribs

Inspired by circus wagons, this Kalon Studios cribs are for bolder moms, who want to add a little color to their children’s room. I love it!


Creative space: work desk

Patrick Johansson for Sköna hem.

How creative people set up their desks? Is your creative space a reflection of how your mind works?

*People with messier desks tend to be more open to new experiences, it reflects their mental process*. Really? Yay!




How cool is this Lobo apple cider label created by the illustrator Jason Holley? I love a pretty drink! (Lobo = spanish and portuguese for ‘wolf’)

Via Lovely Package.


for a more delicious dessert

Who wouldn’t want to eat dessert in one of these penguins, Christmas lights and cute dots plates? They’re available at west elm (the store is on sale and has free shipping on everything, except furniture – *US only*).