wishing: Mission Minis cupcakes

Longing for the Mission Minis San Francisco‘s cupcakes.


Candy Swap

When I read that the lovely Lindsey had sent a care package full of sweets for her daughter (along with other fun items like glasses and a fake nose) I suggested: let’s make a candy swap! So, I sent her a super package of sweets and chocolate from Brazil and got a ton of delicious american candy (just in time for Halloween)!

So many yummy items! I also got the fake glasses, a cute vampire bear + a lovely card.

Thanks Lindsey for this amazing candy swap, I had a great time!


Eat drink and be merry

This lasercut felt coasters from peppersprouts are so pretty. They make any party a bit more exciting!

And the Ei! Kumpel giveaway winner is:

The winner was notified by e-mail. And for those of you who haven’t won the giveaway, Margarida is offering a big discount until november 1st: you buy any product from Ei! Kumpel and she will return the shipping charge! Run to the store and start now your Christmas shopping! (While you’re at it, stop by her sweet blog.)


Packaging design: honey

A honey package as beautiful as a bottle of perfume? Yes, please! Design by Marcel Buerkle.

Today is the last day to enter the Ei! Kumpel giveaway. Click here to register.



1. Taking a tap bath, in skullofsilver‘s pic.
2. Looking sad, in meadowkite‘s pic.
3. Inside a teacup, in Elise Enchanted‘s pic.
4. With a cute bow, in Lischen‘s pic.

Cuteness overload!