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honeymoon getaway

Planning your honeymoon trip (or simply a fabulous vacation)? Then run to BHLDN*’s site, choose the location and plan amazing outfits to wear everyday. What is your favorite destination: Santorini, Venezia, Provence, Paris, Costa Prata or Cotwolds? *BHLDN is Anthropologie‘s … Continue lendo


Off to…

I’m taking a few weeks off and traveling to Russia for the first time. Very exciting! I’m also going to spend a few days in Paris (for the second time) before I return. Pretty sweet! I was wondering: do you … Continue lendo


Praia Pequenina

The french photographer Christian Chaize became obsessed with a small stretch of coastline in southern Portugal while vacationing there in 2004. The beach is literally called ‘small beach’ and he made a beautiful series with the many pictures he took … Continue lendo