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Le câlin, by Lorraine Sorlet | ilustração Big City Life, by Lorraine Sorlet | ilustração Lecture d'amour 2, by Lorraine Sorlet | ilustração La plage. by Lorraine Sorlet | ilustração In your arms, by Lorraine Sorlet | ilustração Be together, by Lorraine Sorlet | ilustração

Lorraine Sorlet, simply wonderful. 

« These little hands necklaces are also spectacular! »

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My Wall Mural with Photowall

Photowall | Lilesadi - Marble 2.0 Nude | Wall Mural

What if I told you that this beautiful wall, all crafted in marble and in graphic cutouts, has no marble at all? It is, in fact, a design from Studio Lilesadi for Photowall, a Swedish company specialized in wall murals and canvas prints, with designs that suit all tastes and amazing colaborations.

Photowall‘s selection is really wonderful. It’s hard to select my favorite designs, so I found it easier to showcase some of their collaborations with incredible designers and studios. Decór heaven.

  • Photowall | Lemon - Affinity Wall Mural

In love with Lemon designs, a South African design studio that works with both abstract (and graphic) prints and beautiful botanical inspirations. 

  • Photowall | Cathy Nordström - Sprinkles Wall Mural

Cathy Nordström‘s prints have a childhood (and nursery) vibe ~ but don’t you feel like having them all over the house? I also like the choice of themes, sweet and suitable for all genres.

  • Photowall | Linnéa Nilsson Lundell - Bear Grills Wall Mural

You can feel that Linnéa Nilsson Lundell‘s work is highly inspired by 1950s textiles and old childrens books. I love this retro vibe.

Unfortunately I can’t show all the amazing designs in this post, so I recommend a visit to their website, where you can search designs by categories, by designers and by rooms. You can also send your own art, which they transform into a panel or canvas. \o/


As I’ve said before, Photowall is a Swedish company (prints are made in Skarpnäck, south of Stockholm), but they deliver worldwide. Needless to say, I was SUPER excited when the company invited me to try their services ~ and tell my impressions here on the blog.

First of all, how to choose between so many wonderful designs (and artists)? Difficult task, am I right? Browsing througt the website, I found some drawings by Julia Pott, who is a talented illustrator ~ that already appeared here on the blog (in 2010!). She has the awesome ability to create adorable and (a bit) strange characters. LOVE.

Once the art was selected, I placed the order on the website. All very simple and self-explanatory. You choose the size in centimeters, you can maintain the original proportions of the drawing (or not) and even flip (or crop) the image. Super easy.

  • Photowall Wall Mural | Cat and Dog by Julia Pott - Não Me Mande Flores

about the $$$

The value of the mural is calculated according to its size. My design, for example, cost €35/m2, or €113 for a 180cm x 180cm mural. The wallpaper glue is already included in the price, but you can also buy a Wallpaper Kit. The kit costs €22 and includes: a brush for applying glue, a seam roller for making the seams invisible, a paperhanging brush for smoothing the strips, a knife and cutting guide for trimming excess wallpaper, plus a bubble level, a pencil and a tape measure. It’s a great option if you don’t have similar tools at home. 

It is worth remembering that this price DOES NOT INCLUDE any import taxes or administrative fees ~ so I recommend you to check  the rules for international deliveries in your country. The order arrived in 4 days, which I considered super fast since it comes from Sweden.

about the quality of the material and the installation

The first thing that caught my attention on the panels was the quality of the paper. I received the standart option, which I already found excellent, but there is also the premium option (which I imagine is a-ma-zing). As the design I chose had a white background, my idea was to cut as much white as possible, and I was apprehensive, thinking that the panels could crumple or tear, which was not the case at all. The items in the Wallpaper Kit also have great quality.

The installation of the panels is easy too. We apply the glue directly to the wall and hang the panels from left to right, being careful not to overlap the images. You can see how easy this process is in this demo video of the company. The end result was perfect, I could not have been more satisfied. And now I have a giant Julia Pott art in my living room. YAY! \o/

Thank you Photowall for the partnership!

Want to make a wall mural at home too?
Photowall is giving a 20% (!!!) discount on its entire collection to my readers.
Simply use the pwnmmfcampaign2018 code on the site‘s checkout (valid until june 10) and enjoy!

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Wong Kar-Wai by Jamie Edler

Amores Expressos | Wong Kar Wai por Jamie Edler

Felizes Juntos | Wong Kar Wai por Jamie Edler

Amor à Flor da Pele | Wong Kar Wai por Jamie Edler

Posters of three great films by Wong Kar-Wai ~ Chungking Express, Happy Together and In the Mood for Love ~ illustrated by the wonderful Jamie Edler.

I’m in love. And they’re for sale in his shop! \o/

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Lasse Fløde for Fjordfiesta

Lasse Fløde para Fjordfiesta | Não Me Mande Flores

Love the simplicity of this pic by Lasse Fløde for Fjordfiesta. ?

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