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Micarina adorable cookies

Cute alert! Have you seen cookies as beautiful as these? They’re all from the lovely japanese shop Micarina. « Maybe these Henteco cookies can compete with them in the cuteness category. » ∴ info ∴ Micarina website.


Paradis pâtisserie

Paradis is a yummy-pâtisserie, headed by pastry-chef Pierre Cornet Vernet in the heart of Copacabana. You have to stop by if you’re ever in Rio! The pâtisserie specializes in macarons – that small light biscuit made with ground almonds and filled with ganache or cream – and the store has … Continue lendo

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pretty packaging: Mic’s Chilli

I love the illustrator Steve Simpson‘s branding and packaging work for Irish chilli sauce company Mic’s Chilli. He was inspired by the folk art of South America (Mexican ‘Day of the Dead’ and Inca/Mayan art), as well as traditional Chinese designs. I’d totally … Continue lendo



1. A bowl of strawberries, in ►i.Anton‘s pic. 2. Chocolate covered strawberries, via skinny taste. 3. Inside pretty boxes, in Laura Praseutkoun‘s pic. 4. Black Pepper Sponge Cake with Strawberry Balsamic Whipped Cream, pic (and recipe) via California Strawberries.


henteco adorable cookies

I can’t believe someone would have the courage to eat one of these adorable cookies from Henteco. They’re too pretty to eat! Can I keep them forever? Via forest, for rest.