deVOL Ceramic Kitchenware

deVOL Ceramic Kitchenware | Não Me Mande Flores

deVOL is a company specialized (among other things) in the creation and design of beautiful and personalized kitchens. Everything is handcrafted in Leicestershire, England, with such good taste, it’s amazing to see

But what struck me the most was their line of ceramics, designed and executed by potter Claire Fowler. More about Claire’s trajectory and work process in the video above (it’s worth to watch, trust me!).

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deVOL Kitchens website & instagram.


Internet Love: Creative Easter

Internet Love: Páscoa Criativa | 6 DIY's para a Páscoa

Do you want to make this Easter more beautiful and creative? Six lovely ~ and unconventional ~ ideas to make until April 16. I know you can do it!

| A Subtle Revelry |
| Say Yes |
| DaWanda |
| Fall For DIY |
| We Are Scout |
| Paper and Stitch |


Zara Home – Placemats

Zara Home | Quatro opções de Jogos Americanos

Three beautiful placemat options from the new Zara Home collection. To make our meals (and our photos!) even prettier. <3

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Zara Home website & instagram.


Everlane – The 100% Human Collection

The 100% Human Collection by Everlane | Não Me Mande FloresThe 100% Human Collection by Everlane | Não Me Mande FloresThe 100% Human Collection by Everlane | Não Me Mande Flores

The 100% Human Collection by Everlane ~ because human rights are for everyone. 

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Everlane website & instagram.


The Land of Nod

The Land of Nod Playhouses | Não Me Mande Flores

Playing house is a serious business with these beauties from The Land of Nod. There’s a garage, a horse stable and even a giant whale! I also love the rocket ship and the planetarium, they’re all amazing!

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The Land of Nod website & instagram.