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lovely tea towels

Who said that tea towels don’t need to be pretty? The kitchen is one of my favorite places at home, so it’s always good to keep it beautiful and full of little things that fill my heart with joy. Don’t you agree? With this selection of tea towels, it’s impossible to have a bad day in … Continue lendo


Paradis pâtisserie

Paradis is a yummy-pâtisserie, headed by pastry-chef Pierre Cornet Vernet in the heart of Copacabana. You have to stop by if you’re ever in Rio! The pâtisserie specializes in macarons – that small light biscuit made with ground almonds and filled with ganache or cream – and the store has … Continue lendo

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love yo-yo

Cross my heart yo-yos, from Something’s Hiding in Here, packaged in lovely printed cotton gift bags. I like the cross “stitched” heart (but I was never very good with yo-yos)! ∴ info ∴ Something’s Hiding in Here etsy shop (ships to the US and … Continue lendo


paper doll fun: Delia & Ollie

Delia and Ollie are characters in Oddfellow’s Orphanage, Emily Winfield Martin‘s cute book. Delia likes drawing and dislikes books without pictures. Ollie likes comic books and dislikes stern voices. Download Delia and Ollie paper dolls here and have lots of paper fun! Anyone … Continue lendo


cute prints: Helen Dardik

Helen Dardik makes the cutest prints ever! Brew Happy is an absolute favorite. ♥ ∴ info ∴ Helen Dardik’s Orange Studio & blog.